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Dive and Snorkel Sites

Each of these dive sites can be dove in 4-6 sections as they are absolutley huge

Wreck in the Sea
Wreck in the Sea


"The Queen"

Kicked off by a sunken ship and surrounded by enormous rock and coral formations. This site is absolutley littered with fish of every variety.

Whale sharks, playfull sea lions and even blue whales are often spotted here.

Minimum certification open water

max depth 25 meters (75 feet)


"The Little Queen"

Not actually smaller than la reina or in any way inferior. It was just named second.

This site is home to a huge abundance of fish and coral formations. It's astounding how much you get to see each time you visit.

Manta rays, eagle rays, whale sharks, orcas and even humpbacks have all been spotted here.

Minimum certification open water

max depth 25 meters (75 feet)

Manta Ray
Scubadiving Trips

La Travesada 

"The Rock Highway"

This dive has a good 3-4 hours worth of drifting to be done if you want to see all of it!

Shallow and very beautiful absolutlley full of fish of all kinds. Its quite common to have sea lions join you for the dive and keep you entertained while you're down there blowing bubbles!

Minimum certification none

max depth 12-18 meters

La Castilla 

The Castle

Deep, Drifty, Amazing.

Thats the beast way I could sum up this dive. ascending down to about 18-30 meters once at depth you pass through a thermal cline into slightly waters and bam. The visibility becomes endless and there are gigantic groupers, travalie's and jacks everywhere. I was literally shocked my first time diving here. Absolutley wild.

Minimum Certification level open water

18-40 meters

Big eye Trevally Jack, (Caranx sexfasciatus) in polarized school, bait ball or tornado wit
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